Choosing the Right Materials for the Job

- Interlock: style and colour selection is numerous. Great to create a standard patio pattern or one with different banding accents. Good for driveways, patios, pathways & steps, retaining walls, armour stone accents.

- Flagstone: Square cut or random; for beauty and durability natural quarried flagstone can’t be beat. Use for patios, pathways and steps. On occasion it is also used for driveways. Use ledgerock for retaining walls.

As the product choices can be a little overwhelming, I can help guide you through the product choices based on our years of experience working with a vast quantity of different kinds of pavers/landscaping materials.

interlock example paver


Great in variety. Lots of colours, sizes, textures and finishes are available giving way to many potential project designs. Prices very depending on the type/style of paver. The most limiting factor in choosing your paver typically comes down to what your budget is. Some pavers can be expensive.

Interlocking pavers are manufactured. They are commonly made from brick or concrete simulating the look of a natural stone.

Square cut flagstone example


Flagstone is now typically used in a square or rectangular cut. Irregular cut flagstone is thicker, heavier to work with and not commonly used in todays landscaping.

Flagstone comes in various colours however not to the same variety as interlock as it is not a fabricated stone.

Flagstone is a natural sedimentary rock.

ledge rock


Ledgerock is a term that is applied to various materials that are cut in a particular fashion to aid in clean stacking. This material is ideal for walls, planters and pillars. It can be used to create fire pits, furniture and barbecue enclosures. Ledge rock is available in flagstone, slate, limestone, sandstone, granite and marble.

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