Understanding the Project - Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, typically we ask for a 10% deposit upon signing and an additional 50% when the work begins.
A: We guarantee new installations against settlement and other installation defects for a period of 3 years
A: Jobs vary in the time they take depending on their size and complexity. Weather can play a factor as well. We give start start and finish dates and try and stay within these parameters to the best of our ability.
A: There are many different types of pavers and flagstones. They can be viewed online from the various brochures we provide and in person from suppliers of those particular pavers or flagstone. We try to guide people by showing them an assortment of quality products and various colours.
A: A finished interlocking patio or driveway surface has 2 to 3 times the tensile strength of poured concrete. Thicker pavers are used for driveway applications. Flagstone is more decorative in some ways and has a rugged old time look. Pavers and flagstone can also be used together depending on the design, but flagstone is typically not used for driveways because it's not as strong as pavers and flagstone tends to stain and weather differently.
A: Yes, a good design idea is necessary in every new installation; a mix of function and aesthetics. Every space can have interest and functionality added to it with hardscape and plantings. With the use of different colours, shapes and textures your space can be transformed into more usable space transforming for example, your yard, into a backyard oasis.
A: We mostly use paving stones and blocks from Unilock and Oaks companies. We get square cut flagstone from Banas Stone and from Unilock. There are many different suppliers and products and if there is one that a customer prefers I can check it out to make sure it is a good quality stone and judge if it will work well with what we are trying to create.
A: Stone surfaces can usually be sealed a month or so after an installation. This process is done by a company knowledgeable in this process as incorrect sealing can have adverse consequences to natural stone and paver surfaces if done incorrectly.
A: This is a landscaping term when you use different types of border pavers (horizontal or vertical) to add various colour accents along the perimeter of patios. Example burgundy, charcoal etc. Border pavers can be in applied in single or double rows (double banding).

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